[Dixielandjazz] World's Best Clarinetist?

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Tue Mar 23 11:57:17 PST 2004

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tduncan at bellatlantic.net writes:

> Tom "Wondering What Reed Could Take You That High" Duncan
> PS - before any wags jump on it, that is reed with an "r", not a "w"

Well now Tom, I have met a lot of reed players who claim differently as to 
the getting high part, seems they soak their reeds in a solution of weed and 
herbs for a few days to get just the right high notes they wish to acheive. :))   
Or at least they think they do. :)

Come to think of it I have also played with a few Reed chewers in my day as 
well, now I know why.


Tom Wiggins

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