[Dixielandjazz] Great Clarinet Players

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Tue Mar 23 16:16:34 PST 2004

Hey just curious if any of you virtuoso Clarinet Players on the list have 
ever heard of or heard Kevin Mahogany?

He is headling a concert on March 28th 2004 at the University of Miami  in 
Coral Gables, Florida with the Jazz Vocal Ensemble.

He attended the Charlie Parker Foundation in Kansas City and was TEACHING 
Clarinet by the time he was Fourteen years old.   He also studied Piano and 
became an accomplished baritone Saxophonist.   He founded a Jazz Choir at Baker 
University in Kansas.  Had to go to Germany to get a recording contract and 
albums released on Enja records before Warner Brothers would pay any attention to 
him in 1995/

Newsweek called him "The standout Jazz Voalist of his generation"   The New 
Yorker critic Whitney Balliet proclaimed... "There is little Mahogany cannot 

An artist well worth hearing and seeing.

Broaden your OKOM horizons and check him out sometime I think you will like 
what you hear.

Tom Wiggins

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