[Dixielandjazz] Thread: What kind of music should I listen to if I want to play OKOM? Evan Christopher

Norman Vickers nvickers1 at cox.net
Sun Mar 21 00:11:32 PST 2004

The question was asked-my paraphrase " I want to play OKOM.  What kind of
music should I listen to?"  Steve Barbone brought up the name of clarinetist
Evan Christopher, age 33.  Evan is an excellent clarinetist.  Plays an
Albert System clarinet by choice since he specializes in early New Orleans
music.  Steve Barbone mentioned that Evan went to Rome, Italy to consult
with clarinetist Tony Scott who, according to Barbone, plays farther out
than Charlie Parker.

I happen to be in Clearwater, FL at the Arbors March of Jazz.  Evan is one
of the performers here.  I asked him some of those questions.  He said that
his performances took him to Rome, among other places in Europe.  He likes
to "hang out" with Tony Scott, approx age 81.  According to Christopher, "
he's one year older than Buddy DeFranco."

Evan said that his recommendation is to listen to all kinds of music.  Learn
the history of music, not just one form of jazz. " I try to play all kinds
of music,"  he said. FYI  Evan is a student at Tulane University in New
Orleans researching early New Orleans music.  He has published some work on
the music of Louis Moreau Gottschalk. According to what I have read,
Gottschalk was America's first virtouso pianist.  Gottschalk was a
contemporary of Franz Liszt, and like his European counterpart, traveled
widely concertizing.  " Have piano-will travel" would have been a good motto
for them both.

As I said on a previous note, last year at the Arbors party, there was a set
with Buddy DeFranco and Evan.  Buddy called a Parker tune for the beginning
and ending of the set.  They were  played at lightening speed.  Evan played
so well that Buddy was inspired to play at his highest level.  I've never
heard Buddy play better.

I hope this helps.  I'll be interested to read other comments on this

Norman Vickers

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