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Mon Mar 15 15:34:06 PST 2004

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> Yep, no doubt about it. When I used to visit Las Vegas regularly, I would 
> marvel at
> the effect a "codpiece" and tight pants (worn by young male singers) had 
> with the
> ladies in the audience. Some, no doubt, used "falsies" to heighten the 
> display.
> Perhaps a Tuba mouthpiece, or even a piccolo? ;-) VBG
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone

Yeah but the guys who stuffed Maracas down their pants legs did better.

But then there was the retarded trumpet player who had heard you got a lot of 
action if you dropped a big old baking size potato into your underwear, it 
however made all the ladies turn and run away from him in disgust, seems he 
dropped it in the back rather than the front.


Tom Wiggins

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