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> That $120 investment generated 5 figure profits. Return on Investment? If 
> anyone knows where a band can get a
> better one, please pass it on to me.
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone

Well I just got ripped off,  I paid $29.95 for a six month deal on my 
sonicbids eletronic press kit that I just emailed to 2,500 festivals around the world 
and am now negotiating about $120,000.00 worth of dates so far just in July 
in Germany, Switzerland, Poland, and Spain so far.   Got other deals working in 
Australia, Austria, Italy and Sweden, for August and October.  Planning to 
work in the USA West Coast in September, and have several festivals talking to 
me about them now, and I have not even sent the press kit to the USA database 

I got ripped off because they offered the same deal for $9.95 two days after 
I signed up for the $29.95 deal.  Oh well,  I still think I got my money's 
worth.   Best thig is that it was really simple to make up the press kit which is 
actually a mini website, but much more informative than my own website for my 
company and certainly a lot cheaper.

I do reccommend it to al of you bandleaders out there, it is a really good 
tool and you can email it to anybody with an email address.

I have sent it to several of you bandleaders on the list, but I don't have 
everyones personal emal address so if anybody else wants the info on how to get 
one contact me off list and I will send it to you.   or just go to  


Tom  "Shameless Promotion" Wiggins

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