[Dixielandjazz] Rushton redux

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Fri Mar 12 01:31:20 PST 2004

Hi Don,

LONG story short.....  My Dad owns "Buster" and is being lovingly taken care
of.  It's in it's original case with many travel stickers on it and is the
real deal. We got it from an airline pilot via a broker of sorts,  in Canada
of all places.

I have painstakingly documented the horns provenance and the horn truly
bears it out. Buster, as named by Joe, was originally owned by Adrian
Rollini and Joe bought it from him when Adrian stopped playing  the BS. Joe
even hand scribed (roughly) on the bell, documentation of the purchase
replete with his initials and  "BUSTER" inscribed upon it by him.

We are musicians and Buster has been played and recorded a few times live
with our local Dixieland band. It is in need of a  rebuild now, as it needs
pads and a few springs, but by and large, it's still in GREAT shape! It
STILL barks too!

I am an aquaintance of Vince Giordano and his BS is ONLY a few numbers off
of Buster's....  I'm trying to work out a deal with Vince doing original
charts, either Red Nichols stuff or Adrian et al,  playing the VERY same BS
that was originally recorded with in 192x to 196x and doing a CD. I also am
in the recording business.

Should you want to contact my Dad, please feel free. Call 920-922-7531 and
ask for Glenn. He will be MORE than happy to  talk with you....Sounds to me,
like you two should hook up!

Best Regards,

Greg Kalkhoff

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