[Dixielandjazz] Website Justification

David W. Littlefield dwlit at cpcug.org
Thu Mar 11 08:36:48 PST 2004

At 12:27 AM 3/11/2004 -0500, TCASHWIGG at aol.com wrote:
>Then you must work hard to get it 
>on as many search engines as you can find, so that anybody hitting a search 
>for anything with any of thsoe words in it will be directed to your site.

This is one aspect I don't understand. It's of general interest because
it's one of the main come-ons of the website companies. 

If one includes a lot of specific and general keywords, and Google and
other major search engines scour the whole internet regularly scooping up
whatever's out there, why do we need to worry about individual search engines? 

It seems to me (my supposition) that the key would be to correctly predict
what terms one's target audience might use for searching. Newbies to
website-making need to understand that they should be generous, not
stingy--there's virtually no limit to the number of key words one can
assign. I would suppose that "music" would be too general to be useful, but
"music [place]", "bands [place]" would be reasonable.
The generalist web-designer might be bright enough to use "dixieland",
"dixieland jazz", "dixieland [place]", "dixieland jazz [place]" but one
would have to be into the music to know that fans and prospective customers
might also use "trad", "trad jazz", "traditional jazz". Thinking
commercially, add "New Orleans jazz", "Mardi gras", and any other terms for
the types/themes of gigs where dixieland might be used. 


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