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> Probably it was fun for K.O. to create and, for sure, it was a delight for
> already-joined members, but marvelous as K.O.'s creation is, I'd bet it
> hasn't fulfilled its principal purpose: to encourage new people to join the
> club, or attend its concerts.
> Advertising is the lifeblood of bands, businesses and organizations, but  I
> don't think a website, considering all that is involved, is even marginally
> cost-effective.  Abe Snake, idly cruising the web, might happen onto your
> site and enjoy it, but chances are that Abe lives half a continent away and
> it is very unlikely he'll fly a couple of thousand miles your town to check
> out the band playing at your next session.
> What do you think?
> Bill "Raining on the parade" Horton

Couldn't disagree with ya more William me mate:

The secret is as you stated in your own post:  Advertise, you have the entire 
world wide web available to you virtually free with millioins yeah millions 
of folks on it all day and night seven days a week.

You have to promote and advertise your WEBSITE too, or nobody knows it exist, 
you have to learn to use key words that realte to your site like Dixie, 
Dixieland Music, Bands, Music,  Jazz, Traditional Jazz, musicians Festivals,  Jazz 
Societies,  Old jazz, new jazz,  Dance Bands, parties, and any word you can 
think of that would be relevant to your site.  Then you must work hard to get it 
on as many search engines as you can find, so that anybody hitting a search 
for anything with any of thsoe words in it will be directed to your site.

Heck even Radio stations and Television shows have websites now and 
constantly tel folks to chek them out at www.?????.com.

The INternet is a wonderful and valuable cheap tool if you learn how to use 
it correctly, but they do keep changing the rules every day so ya gotta keep up 
with it to make it really useful.

It is a useful tool for your membership in a society to keep updated with 
information about the organization and its events etc.  but that is just the 
Choir, You have to take it to the world at large.

It is very easy to get lost at sea on the Net.


Tom Wiggins

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