[Dixielandjazz] Website Justification

Craig Johnson civanj at adelphia.net
Thu Mar 11 00:13:08 PST 2004

Re' what William Horton stated:

 Can't Justify my opposite opinion except with the following examples:
 A month ago I wanted to know when a concert was for the Wolverine
 JB out Boston whom I had not heard.
 . -- I went to the web, found it. Attended concert, payed, bought CD.

 I also searched for concerts of which I might not be aware for the whole
 Spring -- found 5 will attend 4.

 Last summer I wanted a sub, I went to the web and searched jazz Bands
-- got one - he got paid.

 When I want to hear a clip of a tune not on redhotjazz.com for a tune new
to me
 I go to Google  usually I get sent to a cd page or a jazz band page .
Result, I've bought
 several CDs about which I didn't previous know for bands that were
new to me.

 When I want to know how to contact someone from another jazz band
 or find out if they'll be in my area, I search for their page. Result may
a gig for them or a member, or my attendance.

 2 years ago, I wanted to play a concert for my fraternity reunion, but
 my own band could not go. I searched for a band in the area, found one
 that looked good, hired all but the trumpet player, fronted the band, payed
 them and played for free myself (my fraternity you see.)

When we play, folks want to know where else they can hear us.
Just write your www.johnhancock.com on a a napkin - make sure
you've posted a schedule.

 My band's web site costs $100 for a whole year with room to put oodles
 of stuff (See Allan Vache's page with all it has on it. Same deal.)
 And as we've seen lately there are much even cheaper deals.
 And finally, if you have a group of fans that like to follow the band,
 those little postcards that used to cost so little really add up.
 With a web site you can post your every changing schedule or let people
 sign up for a newsletter and it's a hell of a lot easier than snail mail.


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