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Thu Mar 11 00:53:39 PST 2004

OK guys:

You all know I have no problem sharing my marketing strategies with all of 
you so this post should get to the bottom of why you are justified to have a 

I book not only my own band but lots of other artists and bands worldwide:

just check these out to see how valuable they can be:

The unfortunate situation however is this:  Not one Dixieland Jazz Society or 
festival has even bothered to inquire about our conditions or availabilities 
to play for one of their events.

If you spend a bit of time on my electronic press kit you will find however 
that it does not cause us to miss any sleep as we are booking major festivals 
all over the world and performing with the biggest acts in the business who are 
selling thousands and thousands of dollars worth of concert and festival 
tickets at $30.00 a person per day and up.

OKOM needs to come out of the dark ages and get with the current situation of 

The dcays of 25 to 50 bands per day for $.25 a band a day are nearly gone 
folks, what with gasoline up to  $2.45 a gallon in California already.  Bands 
cannot afford to travel and play small venues and private parties for a few 
society members.

Ya get what ya pay for, or ya go outta business, pretty soon most of the 
societies will be gathering on a Sunday afternoon to listen to 100 CDs for five 
hours for $5.00 and chit chat about the good old days when we had live music, 
before we killed it off by being so cheap.

Folks EVERY THING ELSE in the world has gone up since 1922 and when it does 
everything around it goes up accordingly except the earnings of professional 

There are a lot of cheap bands out there, and some that get cheaper every 
year just to keep working, but there are a lot more solid highly qualified ones 
that don't play that game and know what their act is worth and charge 

Contrary to popular belief,  We are not ALL STARVING MUSICIANS.

Musical content:  If ya wanna Dance Ya Gotta Pay the Band.




Tom Wiggins

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