[Dixielandjazz] virus carrying spoofs

Ken Barnes leveller at cox-internet.com
Wed Mar 10 00:28:08 PST 2004

Tom Wiggins wrote
<<<<These things are no doubt invading all the isps around the world.>>>>

Yes, they apparently are, and the attachments *do* contain viruses, trojans
or the like.

About three days after they started showing up here, ostensibly coming from
 islandnet, I started getting them from my isp, cox-internet. Same text,
same *bs*, same mispelllings, same attachments.

According to Cox, at least some of the attachments are the "bagle"
virus. For anyone interested, here is the link to Cox's info on the
things:   http://www.cox-internet.com/support/baglevirus.htm


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