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David W. Littlefield dwlit at cpcug.org
Mon Mar 8 16:00:57 PST 2004

At 02:38 PM 3/8/2004 -0500, TCASHWIGG at aol.com wrote: 
>There is not usually a very good reason for any CD or it's contents to be out 
>of print and not available if the artist wants to make it available, which 
>they should as long as they care to attempt to make a living in this business 
>selling music and performing.
>My suggestion is to find a way to put it back on the website for availability 
>if nothing else, with today's technology and the opportunity for any artist 
>to reach millions of people on the Internet who are potential customers.   

I haven't gotten into producing my own CDs yet, but I can say from
experience that as long as you can upload files to your website, you don't
necessarily need anyone to produce your website for you. You don't need to
learn html code, and adding graphics is pretty straight forward once you
have the graphics files. 

With a program such as "Cool Edit" you can turn .wav files (what's on a CD)
into .mp3 files, or with RealAudio turn 'em into .ra files to save web space. 

>It only take a couple of minutes to burn a CD and mail it out.  
>It is also quite easy for any artists to start and operate their own
record >label these days.

You can copy CDs with a computer, but it's a lot faster to get a two- or
more-tray duplicator. If you want to sell to people besides your current
fans, you need to make the CDs look as professional as possible. There are
CD printer units available. You do have to design CD labels, whether
printed on paper stuck on the CDs or directly on the CDs.

Once you have a good product that looks like a good product, there are a
couple of reliable specialty dealers who will sell your CDs. These dealers
sell the CDs of the well-known festival bands. 

>This is particularly important for OKOM artists who mostly can't buy a major 
>record deal anyway.  You don't need one, you just need to promote yourself 
>your label and your music everyday and keep those cards and letters and
>and credit card orders coming in.

I don't have electronic payment methods for my books, haven't seen any
indication that I need 'em, except possibly for international sales.
However, I have found the international mails to be totally reliable and
quite fast in selling to Europe; my customers send cash and in 8 years,
I've never lost a book or cash. I think probably my particular product line
has different sales characteristics from CDs, in that people are surfing
for what I sell, and they aren't impulse buying. As for US sales, checks
and money orders do fine. 

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