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> As Allan's sometime web-master, I would be remiss if I did not
> take advantage of this discussion to point out that all of his
> available records (and many previous but now unavailable ones)
> are featured on his web site http://altissimo-music.com/
> with fairly healthy-sized sound-clips of representative tunes.
> (I hate the tiny teasers that most sites give you.) They give a pretty
> good representation of his terrific clarinet style for those who
> haven't been fortunate enough to hear it, or those who have and
> want more.
> Regards,
> Craig Johnson
Hi Craig & Allen:

Just a passing remark directed towards the above statement about Some of 
Allen's Cds that are no longer available??????

Why are they no longer available:

The life of  good music is forever, as in Kid Ory's and Louis Armstrong's 
recordings etc. etc. and all the others.

There is not usually a very good reason for any CD or it's contents to be out 
of print and not available if the artist wants to make it available, which 
they should as long as they care to attempt to make a living in this business 
selling music and performing.

Unless of courtse that Artist has already performed to EVERYBODY in the world 
and they have all purchased a copy of all the artists recordings.

My suggestion is to find a way to put it back on the website for availability 
if nothing else, with today's technology and the opportunity for any artist 
to reach millions of people on the Internet who are potential customers.   It 
only take a couple of minutes to burn a CD and mail it out.  It is also quite 
easy for any artists to start and operate their own record label these days.

This is particularly important for OKOM artists who mostly can't buy a major 
record deal anyway.  You don't need one, you just need to promote yourself 
your label and your music everyday and keep those cards and letters and checks 
and credit card orders coming in.

Most small independent labels of yesteryear were bought up by the majors 
anyway, how do you think they became Major labels?  Certainly not because they 
were creative and produced all those albums and Cds themselves.

This is Jazz folks, we always talk about "doing our own thing" so why are not 
more of you doing it. The opportunity has never been better nor the climate 
better to market yourself and your music.


Tom Wiggins

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