[Dixielandjazz] Re: Cancelled due to weather

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 7 16:18:39 PST 2004

Tom Wood asked about weather cancellations: Following is the norm for gigs in the Eastern

Some outdoor gigs contain a weather clause in the contract and/or agreement. Thus a gig
for June 20 may have a rain date of June 27, and a go-no go weather decision time before
the farthest man from the gig would leave his house to get there. The band plays the gig
on the "rain date" and get paid for it then. The original canceled date is not paid and
the band is obligated to play on the rain date. If it rains on the rain date, that gig is
paid regardless because the band held two dates for the producers.

Others specify "no rain date" and if by the go-no go time the gig is canceled, the
canceled gig is not paid. Sometimes no pay, sometimes a cancellation fee of from 20 to 50

Others have "rain or shine" clause in which the event is paid, even if a huge storm
typhoon, hurricane or blizzard forces a cancellation, and/or nobody shows up, including
the band.

And some have a "rain or shine, if the band shows up, we pay them" clause. So if you show
up, you get paid. But if the band cancels due to the weather and does not show up, the
band does not get paid.

Usually, the band contract for outdoor gigs specifies one of the above scenarios, and/or
the band leader says to the band, "subject to weather". I'll call by 9 AM with a no go.
If you don't hear from me byt then, the gig is on.

Tom, your specific case? IMO, go with your gut feel for what is fair.

Steve Barbone

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