[Dixielandjazz] Re: clarinetists and clarinet licks--thread

Norman Vickers nvickers1 at cox.net
Sun Mar 7 15:20:15 PST 2004

For you hard-core Evan Christopher and Tim Laughlin fans, we have Evan and
Tim playing Pensacola JazzFest April 3-4. Each one has a set, so it's two
clarinet sets/day.  It's a free event, in its 21st year.

 We have lots of people from New Orleans who come over.  They remember what
the early NO J& Heritage festival was like-- when you could walk around and
discover musicians you hadn't heard before and hear old favorites.
According to George Wein's autobiography, he says the NOJ&H festival is the
most (economically) successful jazz festival in the world!  But according to
our people, it's like they say in New York, " It's so crowded, that nobody
hardly goes any more." Our Jazz Society takes a bus to the Fr. Quarter
Festival each year.  It's free, in the French Quarter, and features more New
Orleans music, mostly from local bands with some out of town bands and
stars. ( See the Fr. Quarter website for details
frenchquarterfestivals.com) This year Fr. Quarter Jazz Festival is Fri-Sun
April 16-18.

Pensacola JazzFest is held in historic Seville Square one block from
Pensacola Bay. We have a jam session on Saturday night at the Bay Beach Inn
in nearby Gulf Breeze, the "official" hotel for Pens. JazzFest. See the
website for details www.jazzpensacola.com . Evan and Tim play both Saturday
and Sunday.

Norman Vickers

>And let me add Evan Christopher.....expeciallly if you want the OLD New
Orleans style!  Very hard to beat.(IMHO)!

Rebecca Thompson
Flower Mound, Texas

Another clarinettist  to listen to is Tim Laughlin.

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