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Hi All,

Sydney is supposed to have about 320 sunny days a year but the gig was
rained off today!  We were to play at a jazz and blues festival in Queen
Elizabeth Park, Canada Bay Council in aid of children's cancer research.
The Mayor, State Members and senior scientists from the Children's Cancer
Institute were scheduled to be present and it promised to be a big recorded
event with video taping etc.  What is the policy in USA and UK in these
cases ?  We will still be paid but as it is a charity event what's the
(ethical) norm here?  Is it 'professionals take the money and run' or do we
be nice and do the next one free?  I would be interested in lister
experiences in this regard.

Tom (Sydney Mardi Gras still went ahead in the rain) Wood

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> I called the Chadds Ford Elementary School, this morning to get the
> correct spelling of the principal's name to send her a thank you note.
> Talked to the phone operator there:
> "Hi this is Steve Barbone, of."  (couldn't finish)
> "Oh, Mr. Barbone, your band was just wonderful yesterday. Did you see
> those kids, how interested they were, how they liked the music, how they
> got into it?"
> "Er, yes, we had a great time too and I wanted to thank you for having
> us."
> "Oh, we should be thanking you and the band. It was such a grand
> experience." How nice of you all to come out and do this for us.
> Everybody in the school is still talking about it today etc.., etc.,
> etc."
> Anyway, I finally got the principal's name and just sent thank you notes
> to her, and to the student body at the school.
> Seems as if the kids, the teachers (and the band) are still on a high.
> And now, the County School District just called. Seems as if they want a
> program in all the schools. Some this Spring, some this Fall. My oh my.
> Would that all of the OKOM bands could do this live all over the world.
> Yes, we can make a difference and I think one of the keys is do it LIVE.
> Think "Peter & The Wolf" revised with a Jazz Format and audience
> participation. Then concentrate on the music appreciation aspect, not
> the History of Jazz. That will come later. Just a few facts, and a lot
> of music.
> One thing I forgot in yesterday's post is that after we finished the
> jazz version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, we talked about borrowing
> ideas from songs like that for other songs. Yep, of course, "Wonderful
> World" and how the beginning is Twinkle Twinkle, and then how it
> develops it's own persona from there with some neat lush chords.
> (Trite tune? Perhaps, but then, no wonder most people other than the
> jazz elite's like it)
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone
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