Fw: [Dixielandjazz] Duplication

Tom Wood zenith at ans.com.au
Thu Mar 4 21:36:16 PST 2004

Hello Peter L and Listers,

About 30 years ago I went pub crawling in Vienna looking for and trying to
fine the composer of the Harry Lime theme.  Well I really tried but it was a
good excuse at the time.  Rumour has it that the composer of the "Third Man"
used to frequent the seedier bars and eventually died pennyless without
obtaining anything for his famous composition.  Anyone else know anything
about it or him ?

> "I never knew the old Vienna before the war, with
> its Strauss music, its glamour and easy charm.
> Constantinople suited me better."
> The Third Man - 1949 (Carol Reed)

Tom (Limey) Wood

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