[Dixielandjazz] Dixieland Bands in the 1950's

Robert S. Ringwald ringwald at calweb.com
Thu Mar 4 21:29:38 PST 2004

 From Conrad Janis (Part 2)

> Bob...I am no genius on the computer and somehow my e-mail just sent
> to you. So, in continuation, also present at the 'Jams' was Billy Vogel,
> Mancini, Allen Goodman, Paul Mazlanski, Don Nelson, Leroy Vinegar, Lee
> etc. etc. etc. But they formalized the Band on the Dinah Shore show, after
> doing 'Duchess'---Goldie Hawn sat in with Conrad and the band(as she was
> co-star of the Duchess and the Dirtwather Fox, and her father, a
violinist, also
> sat in etc.  However, Conrad's first Band was called Conrad Janis and the
> Tailgate Jazz Band, and he & his band won, (only after playing 6 months)
> Record Changer International Jazz Band Contest Award around 1949. After
> that Contest in L.A. Conrad went to N.Y. around 1950, and reformed the
> Jazz Band there. That new band still named the Tailgate Jazz Band had a
> revolving set on 'regular' musicians that included: Roy Eldredge, 'Pops'
> 'Baby' Dodds, Charlie Chavers, Henry "Red" Allen, Jo Jones, "Big" Sid
> Cozy Cole, Panama Francis, Bud Freeman, Bobby Hackett, "Wild" Bill
> Coleman Hawkins, Dick Wellstood, Kenny Davern, Bob Wilbur, Ralph Sutton,
> Hinton, James P. Johnson, Edmund Hall, Buster Bailey, "Hot Lips" Paige,
> Perenti, Zutty Singleton, Max Kaminsky, Herman Autrey, Gene Sedrick, "Pee
> Russell, Dick Cary, Rex Stewart, to name but a few---not a bad line-up for
a 17
> year old whipper-snapper. Anyway, Bob, please pass this info on if you
care to,
> and tell anyone interested that Conrad and The B.H.U.J. are celebrating
> 9th year at a Jazz Club called: 'LUNARIA' located at 10351 Santa Monica
> West L.A. 90067, and the phone number there is: 310-282-8870. We used to
> on another day, but now it's EVERY THURSDAY EVENINGS FROM 9:00 P.M. TO
> MIDNIGHT. We also arranged for a NO COVER DOOR policy, and one drink only
> minimum---that way all our friends and fans can drop in anytime they want.
Hope to see you
> there sometime soon. Miss all our Jazz circuit friends, but please check
> our Web Site, conradjanis.com, and tell your friends to check it
> still just started, but it deals with many subjects connecteds to Conrad,
> as his life Biography, Broadway, Television, Films, Directing, Music, and
> so as of now we've scanned in over 700 images for the guy building the
> but have another 1000 to go, so it still is a work in progress, but do
check it
> out. Best to you and our friends in Jazz and God's Blessings. (C.J. didn't
> write cause he's doing a phone/radio interview, but tells me to send his
> too).

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