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Mon Mar 1 10:25:02 PST 2004

HI  Y'ALL--Just  a  word  or two  from another  OLD  jazz  musician  who  
happens  to  have  a  long  memory--including
many of  my  good friend, Johnny Blowers--although judging
from recent  articles and  interviews,  he has  forgotten.  Following  the  
benefit  I promoted for the family  of the  great
Bobby  Hackett,  which  was  my  first  contact  with  Johnny,  he
worked  with  my  groups  for several  years,  including  extensive  sints  
at  jazz  clubs like  "O'Connor's  Beef 'n' Ale,"
in  Watchung, NJ.  in the  '70s,  and  "The  Cornerstone,"  in Metuchen, in 
the '80s.   Then too,  there  was  a  trip  to  the
 Breda  Festival  backing  Pee Wee Erwin,  with Kenny Davern
and Eddie Hubble; a week  in Cannes, France:a  couple  of Caribbean cruises:  
a bunch  of  jazz  festivals;  and a host
of tasty club dates--  Well,  you get the idea.
       As for those youngsters  who  don't  know Johnny,  let  me
recommend  the  book, "Back Beats  and  Rim Shots,"  the story
of  his earlier  years,  and they were busy,  If  you  look closely.
you  will  see  that  I wrote itl

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