[Dixielandjazz] Warning. --- Possible viruses through this mailing list...

Craig Johnson civanj at adelphia.net
Mon Mar 1 11:39:11 PST 2004

 I have received and am still receiving notes which purport to
be from this mailing list and this site. First DON'T OPEN ANY
ATTACHMENTS from here until this is resolved.

At the same time, I was prevented from posting to this site the other
day -- of course I might have gotten the address wrong -- we'll see
if this gets posted -- so I've sent Bob Ringwald another note anyway.
(I think I left out the."ml" part of the address -- using an old address
book entry.)

ANYWAY, there is still a problem
There were a couple of posts from Meg Graf from Uoregon.edu which said
"waiting for your report" -- with an attachment. I questioned it in a note
to her
and she said she NEVER sent it. Just today my spam catcher got a note
and marked  it "possible virus". It had sent from h-01 at ml.islandnet.com.
It too was suspicious. Its subject was "Your document" and the body of the
note said "your file is attached." Of course I have not opened it and in
will delete it on the server without downloading it at all. Somehow -- we
have a
problem here with someone trying to mess us up.

Luckily I scan the messages subject line and content for certain things
I accept them as from this list, but at least the one supposedly from Meg
what I scan for. The others did not.

To Bob Ringwald ) --I also got a "mailing list reminder" from mailman-owner
ml.islandnet.com which suggests I can modify my membership by link to a
URL on the site. I hope that this is legit (I think it may be) because it
my password in open text. (NOt a great idea anyway.)

Regards to all
Craig Johnson

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