[Dixielandjazz] Concerts in the Park was Things that make me cringe

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> That's why EVERY Dixieland band should be doing "Concerts In the Park". 
> There is a VAST, UNTAPPED AUDIENCE out there worldwide that is waiting 
> for us and good music. Better still, there are thousands of Park 
> Concerts that most of us simply ignore as venues.
> Let's all start to play where the people are.
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone

Absolutely agree:  if you can't find a -paid gig there, go meet with the 
Parks and recreation department and sell them on the idea of letting you do weekly 
concerts there and sell your CDs.   Your biggest opposition will be they 
don't want the liability of having anybody inthe park.   Back to the old over 
Insurance discussion again.   Somebody might get stung by a bee and sue the parks 
department and the city. :(    The world is run by Pessimist, time to change 
it again to Optimist.

They all have printed publications that they can promote you in and you can 
even get them and distribute them yourself, which will get you much better 
results than letting them distribute them,   They are usually nbot very good at 
marketing and promotion which is why most parks are sitting empty from littel or 
no use these days.

They do not understand that just pretty green lawns and an empty bandstand 
and shade trees will not attract people to enjoy the park your taxes are paying 
their salaries to cut the grass and prune the trees and paint the bandstand 
every ten years or so for.

Musicians and band leaders have to constantly be creative thinking people and 
go sell your music or market it yourself or be unfulfilled and unsatisfied 
with your present day gig.

A musicians best day gig is booking and promoting his night gig, and if he 
does it hard enough he can have two gigs a day in many places maybe even three 
gigs a day for those that really hustle and want to work just playing music.

Naw that would not be fun, it would be more like a real job and work. :))


Tom Wiggins

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