[Dixielandjazz] Re: Berigan's I Can't Get Started

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Wed Jul 28 17:39:31 PDT 2004

Dear Al,
Thank you for the prompt reply.
You commented (in part): >It can't be "reissued" since RCA (the owners)
never issued it.
The two labels you mention are by and large bootlegs.<
Jerry Valburn¹s Jazz Archive LP JA40 with the alternate -2 version of
Bunny¹s ³I Can¹t Get Started² (12² Victor. 7 Aug 1937) was taken from an
unissued test pressing and could be considered a Œbootleg¹.
The extensive ŒJazz Tribune¹ LP series was issued by RCA in France in the
1980s and therefore official releases.
Some of the ŒJazz Tribune¹ LPs were re-released on CD in the US in the early
1990s using the same master tapes and booklet/insert replicas of the
original French LP covers.
I have 2 of these featuring Louis Armstrong. The McKinney¹s Cotton Pickers
set was also done. Perhaps they did the Berigan as well.
As a Bunny Berigan fan, I have all of his issued recordings, most of the
known alternate takes and lots of his work as a sideman, including the
recent magnificent 7-CD Mosiac set. I can¹t wait for the late Bozy White¹s
impending bio/discography to see what I am missing!
Regarding Jerry Valburn. I corresponded with him in the old days and have
all his reissue LPs in my collection.
A treasure trove on Meritt, Blu-Disc, Jazz Archives, Up-To-Date, etc. All
containing a wonderful source of alternate Œtakes¹ for avid collectors like
But back to Berigan¹s ³I Can¹t Get Started².
For those interested, the main difference between the 2 Victor [RCA]
versions of this Bunny classic is George Wettling¹s drumming behind the
On the issued take -1 (the one we all know and love) George uses brushes and
a Œtriplet¹ pattern throughout. On the unissued take -2 he plays straight
through, with an occasional accent, including 2 obvious beats at the end of
the vocal, which are not on the issued take. There also are other minor
differences between the two. The issued take, as would be expected, is
slightly better.
Very kind regards,

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