[Dixielandjazz] Re: No Rhythm Front Line

Dan Augustine ds.augustine at mail.utexas.edu
Tue Jul 27 14:51:43 PDT 2004

     Steve's comment reminds me of a wonderful 
duet between low-register clarinet and 
high-register tuba on "Cushion Foot Stomp" by 
Phil Kirk's band, Professor Plum's Jazz, 
_Greatest Hits Vol. II_.
     Accompanied only by minimal banjo, the 
clarinet player (either Bob Schroeder, Gary 
Milliken, or Cal Abbott) plays the melody while 
the tuba player (Mike Swanson) plays a harmony 
part which at times seems to go into the clarinet 
range and is the sweetest thing you've (well, 
i've) ever heard.  Mike Swanson is one of the 
best tuba-pickers who ever played, up there with 
Eli Newberger and Dave Gannett.  Pity he doesn't 
play any more.


P. S. Thanks again to Phil Kirk for sending me 
this CD.  I eat my liver with envy every time i 
listen to it.
>Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 17:14:53 -0400
>From: Steve Barbone <barbonestreet at earthlink.net>
>Subject: [Dixielandjazz] No Rhythm Front Line
>Dan Augustine asked about the "front line only" chorus.
>Add Barbone Street to the bands that do this, or 
>variations of it. Sometimes all 3 horns, 
>sometimes only two horns. Very effective device 
>to add listener interest. Tiger Rag, Struttin 
>With Some Barbecue, most minor tunes etc. all 
>adapt well to it.
>We also pair a horn with the bass, or clarinet 
>and drums, etc., to vary the sounds, while the 
>rest of the band rests. And sometimes, just a 
>"rhythm section" chorus with guitar, bass and 
>drums concentrating on a pulsing rhythm like 
>Steve Barbone

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