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Bob Romans cellblk7 at comcast.net
Tue Jul 27 14:50:56 PDT 2004

Want adGot this from a friend...could it be a hoax???
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What follows is an actual classified ad taken from a prominent newspaper:



Ideally, we'd like a 4-5 piece band that can play disco, funk, R&B, Motown, 
rock, top-40, as well as some Jewish Ethnic songs like "Hava Nagila".

We'd need about four hours of music, from 6-10 PM with some breaks in 


We also need some light rock or jazz for the dinner music.
Also: we need to use your microphone for toasts and speeches, etc. 

Pay: Unfortunately, we cannot afford to pay the band in money.  
But here's what we offer in return:

(1)  You and the band will be fed a great meal. (However, as we do need some 

  quiet dinner music provided, you'll have to eat during the toasts.)

(2)  Each band member will get 1 free drink.
(3)  We will mention your band in the toasts, and you'll get a chance to 

  pass out your business cards, and you can give away any band CDs you 
  have.  There will be some very high class people there, and you'll probably 
  get some offers from this.

(4)  If you do well, we might hire you for a paid party later this fall.
(5)  We will have a tip jar out for the band.
(6)  You'll get the great feeling of doing a good deed!

One more thing.  We do have a few family members that play drums and guitar, 
so we hope it'll be okay to let them sit in for a tune or two.

 - Jerome L. Rabinowitz 

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