[Dixielandjazz] Scored solo(Flying Home)

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I could be wrong (I was wrong once before) but, I think Doc Severenson and
the tonight show band did the solo scored for the whole sax section.  I
think I have it here on a cassette, but I can't find it just now.
     Pat Cooke

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> Fred Spencer said (re Illinois Jacquet's "Flying Home" solo) :
> "made him famous in the Hamp recording which, like it or not, changed the
> whole face of jazz.Several bands played that solo scored for the whole sax
> section. The only other one I know is Bunny Berigan's solo on Tommy
> "Marie". Any more?"
> There is (was?) an American saxophone group - Supersax - which plays
> Parker solos scored for five saxes. I've seen a few of their scary looking
> charts and still marvel at how beautifully the music works despite its
> complexity.
> I have an 1975 LP (Atlantic SD 1671) of a big band led by Dick Hyman
> "Satchmo Remembered - The music of Louis Armstrong at Carnegie Hall" , one
> of the tracks is the well known Armstrong/Hines version of "Weatherbird"
> scored for three trumpets. Great stuff, high time that it was reissued on
> CD.
> John Farrell
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