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That's the point-- there are so  ones, past and present, to be able to name
them all. Vince is certainly one to add. His bass sax work is also tops, as
is Russ Whiteman, John Otto and a few others with the big sax on steroids.
You have to take the time to dig out the sides then listen if you are not
blessed with live appearences near you. But when the good ones play, solo or
not, it remains a joy to feel their presence in the rhythm section. Some
people dismiss bassists all too quickly before their ears catch up with
their utterences. There -- another rant.
Ask good pianists if they'd rather work with or without a bass. That would
usually end that arugment.
Don Ingle
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> On 23 Jul 2004 at 17:42, Don Ingle wrote:
> > Steve's list was a great one. I had the rare and delightful opportunity
> > play a set at the Elkhart Jazz Festival some years back with Jack
Lesberg on
> > bass. A joyful lift of the spirit. At the same festival on a different
> > I played with my "hero" among pianists, Ralph Sutton. It was almost as
> > as sex (almost!). I even got to sing my favorite James P. Johnson sogn
> > Ralph
> > backing me and by the gracve of a good friend with a digital recorder, I
> > have it on tape.
> > Jim Beebe, Kim Cuscak and Wayne Jones also on the set. It is like a
> > invited to
> > sit with the gods.
> <SNIP!>
> I am surpised that the name, and the work, of Vince Giordano has
> not been brought to this thread.  I saw him and a talented group of
> other NYC musos perform this Spring here on Cape Cod in a "Tribute
> to Bix" -- the band was outstanding, as was Vince on both string
> and blown bass.
> Larry Swain
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