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Just wanted you to know that I found your report on the Victoria Jazz scene
in Oz to be very interesting and thanks for taking the trouble to write.

Your mate Mick Potter will be in England while I am also visiting  England
from Canada but unfortunately I shall miss seeing him at an Oxfordshire
session (Judy Eames' neck of the woods) on August 6th as I have to attend a
party elsewhere, thrown by my English daughters on that date.

Can one really   "freeze off one's assets in a Melbourne winter"?

Brian Towers,
Steaming away in a sticky, humid Ontario summer and spraying myself with
"OFF" against the "West Nile Virus bearing mosquitos" which are now with us!
http://hotfivejazz@tripod,com (band web sites)

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> Having been lurking a while after some time in Bali, Indonesia and at the
Merimbula jazz festival in Southern New South Wales, I thought I'd better
tell you about a few of the exciting events in OKOM in our part of OZ.  With
the Louisiana Shakers touring Europe and the Society Syncopators having just
returned, we're about to unleash our own Mick Potter on an unsuspecting
continent.  I sat with Father Mick at the 36th birthday celebration of the
Victorian Jazz Club at the Collingwood Football last night and it was a
noteworthy event.  We enjoyed 2 great bands, the Simon Stribling Reunion
Band and David Ward's Waterfront Cafe Band, which reunited Ian Walkear and
Derek Reynolds, formerly of NMJB.  Simon, (CNT), who's visiting his old home
town, had his Canadian wife, Laurie Lister on Drums, Ian Smith singing and
playing every thing he could get his hands on and the likes of such great
musos as Graham Coyle (PNO), Peter Baylor (GTR), Joe Stevenson (REEDS) and
Chris Ludowyk on string bass and trombone.  Many great musos sat in with
both bands and it was a memorable evening.  I can't believe I was one of the
volunteers who helped start the club all those years ago.  I was the
original doorman & bouncer in those days.  These days, I set up the sound
and occasionally MC.  We've seen tough times, but we're still going.  You
can check us out on the web at www.victorianjazzclub.com
> On Sunday, 1st Aug. we have our annual Louis night at the Bentleigh Club,
featuring Mike Hallam from Sydney with our own John Hawes, Steve Waddell,
John Scurry, John Adams, Dave Hetherington and Leon Heale.  Next Sat. 24th
Jul. at the Air Forces Club, we have the Society Syncopators fresh back from
Europe.  If you're in our neck of the woods, drop me a line and I'll be
pleased to point you in the right direction. (or even take you there)
> Best regards,
> Sam Meerkin (freezing his assets off in our Melbourne winter)
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