[Dixielandjazz] Re: Responses concerning "After Hours" by James P. Johnson

Craig I. Johnson civanj at adelphia.net
Sat Jul 17 09:35:19 PDT 2004

FIrst, let me thank Jack Tracy for pointing out in a rather indirect way
to the fact I should have asked about James P's "tempo" rather than
what "Speed" he used.

Secondly, to John Farrell:
 I guess it's a question of personal taste, but
I found the piece to be at least "interesting" in the sense of a "One for my
baby and one for the
road" after hours "noodling" type song at one tempo and an interesting piece
with a nice
set of chords at a faster beat. I've been curious to know which way Johnson
envisioned it.

Bill, Haesler: The source is page 1760 of the "Chas. Anderson Fake Book."
Page 1761 is, by the way the Parrish song
which it is noted was indeed recorded by Erskine Hawkins with Parrish on
piano. It was apparently
also recorded by Randy Brooks' Orch. (Decca 23869) - to give you the whole
I have entered the Johnson version into "Sibelius" and listened to the
resultant midi file after supplying a chord line from
the chord symbols..
For good measure, will probably do the same for  Avery Parrish song, as

John, you say you made a piano roll of After Hours.
Should I assume that by your comment
that the Johnson piece was (at least by comparison with his better know
stride pieces - unremarkable)
that the one you recorded was the Parrish tune?

Craig Johnson

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