[Dixielandjazz] "After Hours" by James P. Johnson

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James P. Johnson did indeed write a composition entitled "After Hours"
(copyrighted 1923) which bears no resemblance to the Avery Parrish piece of
the same name. In comparison with JPJ's better known stride classics it is
fair to say that After Hours is a somewhat unremarkable example of his work.

While Jack Mills Inc. published the sheet music of After Hours in a folio
there is no evidence that JPJ ever recorded it.

Some years ago I made a piano roll of After Hours (JAM 149 - still available
folks!) but have never heard of it appearing under any other roll label.

There is a reference to the tune in appendix two of Scott E. Brown's
excellent JPJ bio-discography "James P. Johnson - a Case of Mistaken
Identity" published by The Scarecrow Press and The Institute of Jazz
Studies, Rutgers University. ISBN 0-8108-1887-6.

John Farrell

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> Dear Craig,
> Is this a trick question?
> Just kidding.
> "After Hours" was recorded by Erskine Hawkins (The Twentieth Century
> Gabriel) and His Orchestra for Bluebird on 10 June 1940.
> This is essentially a blues piano solo by its composer Avery Parrish.
> (Playing it now. An old favourite of mine since I had the 78.)
> There is an "After Hours" credited to James P Johnson (1923) in the
> of Congress listings but, so far as I can find, he never recorded it.
> Nor can I find it listed as a piano roll.
> Perhaps my mate John Farrell can confirm this.
> What is your source for the James P version?
> Very kind regards,
> Bill.
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