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Dear Richard,

I agree this is a key issue - to attract an audience to include normal "off
nights" as well and provide something for everyone.  However this is usually
very difficult to achieve.  In Sydney many jazz club fans (and I may get a
lot of flack for mentioning this) sit all night with either one drink, cup
of tea or a glass of water.  Unfortunately (in some respects) our best
audiences are not jazz club fans but usually the general public.

Some years ago "Chatties" Club in Chatswood was closed down although it was
always packed out with drinkers and dancers enjoying themselves.  We could
not understand it until we observed those who brought their own vodka
bottles (in handbags) to top up their water glasses or rum/scotch to perk up
their ordered cup of tea.  The management also advised me that some people
even demanded serviettes and cutlery and then proceeded to eat their own
food.  Some patrons said they loved the band(s) and danced every number but
never bought a drink saying they were too expensive!  I have been a Sydney
Jazz Club member (No.75) for about 35 years but am still very wary of club
"fans" and now tend to play overseas regularly.


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Hi All,

Regards this matter, The club owners and venue operators (The Food &
Beverage Manager usually hires the band) will look for any excuse to fire a
band which is not making them MONEY. Our own regular weekly residencies are
not in place because of different insurance policies, younger audiences,
throwing beads, clever musicians, or any of the other whines about venues,
unions, lawyers and shills from copywrite organisations. We keep those gigs
through our good luck in filling the venues with diners, dancers and
drinkers on quiet nights, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
This makes a lot of MONEY for the venues. That's how they pay their
Just for interest sake how many listmates have regular weeknight
residencies? That’s when venues need a band!
Do you know how many meals were served at your gigs? What was the bar take
last night? Does your venue charge admission?

Richard Stevens

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