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David Richoux tubaman at batnet.com
Thu Jul 15 18:30:46 PDT 2004

This is not a practice that is restricted to Oz! My wife noticed the 
same things going on at almost ALL of the shows I play in California 
when she is in the audience - Sunday afternoon jazz societies are the 
worst, but it even happens in the restaurants and clubs we play (unless 
the management and wait-staff are really keeping on top of their 
business.)  Sure, a lot of the jazz fans are on fixed incomes or they 
want prices to be what they were in the 30's or 40's - but that is not 
going to happen any time soon!  Our band often plays without a cover 
charge and the prices for food and drink are usually quite reasonable 
by current San Francisco Bay Area standards, but if the club owners (or 
host lodges) are not making a profit on food and drinks there is 
ultimately no choice for them but to kick the free-loaders out (or 
raise the rent for the jazz societies...)

Dave Richoux

On Jul 15, 2004, at 5:34 PM, Tom Wood wrote:

> Dear Richard,
> I agree this is a key issue - to attract an audience to include normal 
> "off
> nights" as well and provide something for everyone.  However this is 
> usually
> very difficult to achieve.  In Sydney many jazz club fans (and I may 
> get a
> lot of flack for mentioning this) sit all night with either one drink, 
> cup
> of tea or a glass of water.  Unfortunately (in some respects) our best
> audiences are not jazz club fans but usually the general public.
> Some years ago "Chatties" Club in Chatswood was closed down although 
> it was
> always packed out with drinkers and dancers enjoying themselves.  We 
> could
> not understand it until we observed those who brought their own vodka
> bottles (in handbags) to top up their water glasses or rum/scotch to 
> perk up
> their ordered cup of tea.  The management also advised me that some 
> people
> even demanded serviettes and cutlery and then proceeded to eat their 
> own
> food.  Some patrons said they loved the band(s) and danced every 
> number but
> never bought a drink saying they were too expensive!  I have been a 
> Sydney
> Jazz Club member (No.75) for about 35 years but am still very wary of 
> club
> "fans" and now tend to play overseas regularly.
> Cheers,
> Tom

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