[Dixielandjazz] Insurance

Richard Stevens thejazzfactory at ozemail.com.au
Thu Jul 15 14:06:31 PDT 2004

Hi All,

Regards this matter, The club owners and venue operators (The Food &
Beverage Manager usually hires the band) will look for any excuse to fire a
band which is not making them MONEY. Our own regular weekly residencies are
not in place because of different insurance policies, younger audiences,
throwing beads, clever musicians, or any of the other whines about venues,
unions, lawyers and shills from copywrite organisations. We keep those gigs
through our good luck in filling the venues with diners, dancers and
drinkers on quiet nights, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
This makes a lot of MONEY for the venues. That's how they pay their
Just for interest sake how many listmates have regular weeknight
residencies? That’s when venues need a band!
Do you know how many meals were served at your gigs? What was the bar take
last night? Does your venue charge admission?  
Richard Stevens


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