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> I would recommend any band that has a regular gig ask the club manager 
> about 
> the future of music at that club.  Will their liability policy also be 
> recinded when the new insurance policy renewal is implemented??  Feedback 
> from DJML 
> listmates on what is learned would be greatly appreciated. 

Tell those interested to immediately contact the State & County Fair 
directors in their market area and check out the Fair Market's Insurance carriers  or 
here are a few you can pass on:

Allied Specialty Insurance 1-800--237-3355    info at ALLIEDSPECIALTY.COM

Haas&Wilkerson Insurance  1-800-821-7703

Dick Wardlow Insurance Brokers   1-800-298-3000

These companies all specialize in the Entertainment Industry, as in all other 
situations I always reccommend going for the Professional Specialist, not a 

My brother was an Insurance broker for twenty years and I did not let him 
write my policies becasue he simply did not know anything about the Entertainment 
business, and was just into auto and home owner policies.   I took those away 
from him too when I found better coverage for 1/2 the price his company was 
charging and I have NEVER filed a claim in my life.   

Sounds like the problem with your club owner is really not witht he dancing, 
but the Alcohol, and the underwriter is just trying to side step it or gouge 
him for outrageous premiums.    Now if he allows Mosh Pit dancing I can 
understand it, or Punk Rockers frequent the place for violent actions they like to 
call dancing.   He could also have big problems if he allows Rappers in the 
joint for shows and dancing.

But for OKOM and normal dancing it just makes no sense.


Tom Wiggins

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