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I would have filed a formal complaint with the National and forced them to
take action in your behalf. It would have
been the best thing you could have done, not only for your group, but
everyone else in your local. The AFL-CIO would have taken action as
well........and let me say that many of the problems initially caused by
ineffective locals, can be resolved by a re-action by the members by making
charges and making them stick !!



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> I have a simular story. Back in the 1990's I was
> trying to book a retirement party for a Longshoreman's
> Union offical. I never heard back from the contact for
> the gig so I followed up on it and discovered that the
> Longshoreman hired a scab band for their union
> retirement party. I took this to the Local and ask
> what they would do? - - - NOTHING!!!!
> Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band has been non union since.
> Bert Barr
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