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Hi Dan,
This is a very technical question, however if someone is going to sue they
will sue every one who was there at the time of the incident. You will go to
court for months and hire barristers at $3000 a day just to defend yourself
or one could always declare bankruptcy. I also have my own instrument
insurance, my mate Peter recently backed over his very special rosewood
clarinet and was paid out in about 2 months.

Richard Stevens

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>Hi All,
>A few years ago I walked into a ceiling fan with my sousaphone. I am a lot
>wiser now but the incident resulted in a blade from the fan breaking off
>spun into a patrons lap. No damage done but it could have been a lot worse.
>I now have public liability insurance and insist all band members carry
>same. It costs $140 per year each and in my opinion money well spent. We
>lots of gigs where it is demanded by the venue. In this day and age of
>litigation it offers peace of mind. Ask yourself this question? Where would
>the money come from if some one tripped over an errant wire, broke their
>and sued you? I guess if you have no assets then you don't need it! 
>Richard Stevens
     Hey!  Down here!  Yes, AFTER the message! (Whew...)
     What about putting the shoe on the other foot?  What if your 
sousaphone (unlikely enough) sustained major life-threatening 
injuries from the fan (circular rotating, not square folding-chair 
     Your point is a good one, and i think insurance is a good option. 
But are musical venues required to (or should they) carry insurance 
also for injury to persons or instruments?  Is it gig- (and/or 
alcohol-) induced folly to contemplate such an eventuality?


(whose sousaphones take their own chances)
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