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>Subject: [Dixielandjazz] insurance
>Hi All,
>A few years ago I walked into a ceiling fan with my sousaphone. I am a lot
>wiser now but the incident resulted in a blade from the fan breaking off and
>spun into a patrons lap. No damage done but it could have been a lot worse.
>I now have public liability insurance and insist all band members carry
>same. It costs $140 per year each and in my opinion money well spent. We get
>lots of gigs where it is demanded by the venue. In this day and age of
>litigation it offers peace of mind. Ask yourself this question? Where would
>the money come from if some one tripped over an errant wire, broke their leg
>and sued you? I guess if you have no assets then you don't need it! 
>Richard Stevens
     Hey!  Down here!  Yes, AFTER the message! (Whew...)
     What about putting the shoe on the other foot?  What if your 
sousaphone (unlikely enough) sustained major life-threatening 
injuries from the fan (circular rotating, not square folding-chair 
     Your point is a good one, and i think insurance is a good option. 
But are musical venues required to (or should they) carry insurance 
also for injury to persons or instruments?  Is it gig- (and/or 
alcohol-) induced folly to contemplate such an eventuality?


(whose sousaphones take their own chances)
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