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> Doesn't mean I can't add/merge/change things if it was a recording.  Oh, by
> the way, Tom W. mistook my comment about removing applause as meaning I
> would fade out, then leave a space &bring in a new tune.  I don't really
> like that method, which is often heard.  No, I can chop your applause in the
> middle somewhere, and leave the swell at the beginning, and the natural die
> out, overlapping the next tune on that dieing out applause.  You get a great
> concert, with the fade in of natural room noise, to the last "encore,
> encore" (or in our case "otra, otra, otra") at the end.  Enough advertising,
> JIM!

I conccur totally with you Jim, and no I did not mistake you comment, I too 
do not favor that method, and like your clarified version of the process of 
editing, sorry I am not an engineer, and was just speaking out on that subject in 
generality as a process by which the performance recordings could be cleaned 
up.  Thanks for explaining it to those others who might have misunderstood 
what I was trying to say.

Wow I wish I had had you here on my Live Gospel Session last night,  WHEW!  
what a piece of work that was, You have not lived until you try to "Stage a 
live recording" in a very energetic less than sophisticated Holliness Church with 
six hundred folks all trying to be in the recording individually.   You must 
keep in mind that the foremost thing on their minds is to "HAVE CHURCH" and 
glorify God,   The fact that somebody is spending thousands of dollars tryingto 
make a commercially saleable product has nothing to do with it, SO have church 
they do, complete with the featured singers stoping often to testify about 
their blessings and how they were healed in a miracle last year etc. etc. and 
then suddenly without warning to the recording crew jump off into the next song. 
  Gives a whole new meaning to the word "Improvisation".  Took us five hours 
to do what we should have been able to do in two.

The engineer also had a lot of fun with the band switching drummers on the 
fly every song, and we had to stop and start over a couple of times whent he 
heavy footed one kept pushing the Bass drum out of reach of his foot in mid song, 
not to mention while some choir members abandoned their microphones to try 
and push the  bass drum back into his reach.  Ha ha. .

The parts I loved the best were on the slow inspirational numbers, whiole the 
lead vocalist was getting into the song and trying to deliver it with great 
emotiona nd spiritual conviction, several enthusiastic ladies in the front two 
rows were determined to be heard, kept yelling out "Sang Lawrence Sang"   "Or 
Sang it Anthony"  Halleluja Halleluja.   

The video crew was having a wonderful time as well, because at Black Gospel 
concerts, for the most part noone has ever taught or explained audience 
etiquette to these folks, they think that you can and should get there early and get 
the best seats in the house up inthe front, and then insist upon getting 
caught up in the and stand up often if not all the time and clap your hands and or 
wave your arms in the air, break out into Holy Dances and or get divine 
inspirations to shout out prophesies in tongues.

All in all it came off pretty well as we dealt with all these and others on 
the fly and got some pretty hot stuff, although I don't even want to see the 
video, it was a total waste of their money for any commercial purposes, except 
maybe 5% of the folks who were there that would buy it to see themselves on it.

Sure was glad to get out of there and stop off at a Jazz club for a couple 
glasses of red Wine on the way home.


Tom Wiggins

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