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> We have
> unfortunately also been asked by the agent about Public Liability insurance
> cover!?  That should open up a can of worms for musicians verses insurance
> companies.  We had a sit in singer friend from the past and I jokingly
> warned her that she sang with us on the stage at her own risk.

Heck Tom:  

 Musicians are not insurable anyway, we are all Drunks and drug addicts 

I can visualize this picture now: Newspaper headlines: "OKOMers at the 
Geritol Stage incited a near riot when they unplugged an oxygen tank and killed a 
fan at the EX-Lax stage who refused to stop cheering for his favorite singer and 
interrupting their show at the nearby Geritol stage."  Promoters deny any 
liability for placing the two stage too close to each other, All Dixieland 
Musicians have henceforth been banned from performing at the OLD FOLKS FESTIVAL.  
"In another unrelated event at the festival, this reporter discovered that an 
over enthusiastic 96 year old fan succumbed to a heart attack while attempting 
to relive his youthful days and do the Lindy Hop with his new 87 year old 
wife."  His wife was cited for indecent exposure when one of her breasts flopped 
out of her scanty dancing costume and was possibly seen by the seven year old 
grandson of a prominent insurance agent.

The insurance companies are right up there in the same category as ASCAP and 
BMI Mafia's folks, they want to extort money from everyone who is involved in 
any event, and force them to pass the extortion on to the attendees or pay for 
it themselves if the event has no admission charge.  They base their rates 
upon the number of folks in attendance or (Expected or potential attendance) 
with no refunds in the event the event does not sell out.

The event producers naturally are advised by their lawyers to pass the buck 
on down to everyone else, hence every vendor and every person connected with 
the event are forced to purchase a One Million Dollar policy naming the event, 
the city, God, The Pope, the town drunk and anybody else they can think of as 
"additional insured" usually against such things as having a person trampled to 
death by a stampeding Elephant in a country where there are no Elephants 
except maybe one in the zoo.  And because of this insurance regulation there is no 
Circus performing or touring through the country with any Elephants.

Soon they will also have events with no Live music because the money they 
offer to pay the musicians will not even be enough to pay the insurance premiums. 
 Give new meaning to the "Pay to Play syndrome"    Why the Hell can't folks 
just "STOP HELPING MUSICIANS"?    We just can't afford all that HELP.  :))


Tom Wiggins

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