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> Selling a CD quickly as thousands of fans emerge from a concert can be tough
> enough.  Imagine trying to get the person's name &address written
> correctly, quickly enough to get their money &get them out of the way to
> service the next person in line.
> All of this while probably 80% of them are either drunk or stoned.
> Sounds like a nightmare to me.  I'd rather grab their cash, hand them a CD &
> be done with them.
> --Bob
> robert at ringwald.com
> Placerville, CA USA

Now that ideology makes perfect sense Bob, having been there and done that 
both ways, I can assure you that your ideology about it is indeed the best way 
to handle it.  Getting names and addresses and holding up the lines stalls and 
deters sales as the impluse quickly wanes as does the attention span of the 
folks in the line.

Remember my last line "You are only as Good as your last performance" and 
that memory fades pretty quickly in the minds of the audience, especially if they 
are drunk or stoned.  If you can convert them to a sale of a CD, they can at 
least hear a resemblance of what they paid to hear last night when they sober 
up tomorrow.


Tom Wiggins

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