[Dixielandjazz] I just got the ASCAP call.

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Hi Dave:
I have to agree with Tom.  My many years of experience with ASCAP was
constant aggravation.  Their persistent and thuggish attitude never let up.
I would hope that this is not the case with your club owner but I certainly
wouldn't bet the farm on it.
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> A week or so ago we were discussing ASCAP, BMI, etc on this list.
Coincidentally, this morning I got a call from the owner of the place where
we play on Mondays saying he'd just received a letter from ASCAP asking for
their fee for our playing there. I told him to tell them that we're doing
all public domain stuff -- music written well before 1923 and there should
be no fee involved. He seemed fine with that.
> After reading some of the comments posted last week I felt very prepared
for this very unexpected situation. Thank you all very much. Should I expect
any other response/inquiry/inquisition from ASCAP or will this now go away?
> Dave
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