[Dixielandjazz] I just got the ASCAP call.

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> After reading some of the comments posted last week I felt very prepared 
> for this very unexpected situation. Thank you all very much. Should I expect 
> any other response/inquiry/inquisition from ASCAP or will this now go away?

Hi Dave:

They probably won't go away that easily, they have more scare power in rural 
areas than most other places, because the smaller club owners and such are 
afraid of the threat of big New York City lawyers coming down on them and many 
local attorneys simply have no clue how to fight them off and would just be 
charging the club owner legal fees to do research and would more than likely tell 
him to pay it anyway in the end after they had milked him for legal litigation 

I would compile your list of tunes and if and when they show up give it to 
them and tell them to prove to you that they own the songs and you will be happy 
to pay the fees, and not a dime to them until they do

Also do not forget to rearrange your improvisations on the tunes to make them 
your own ORIGINALS and tell them you are a BMI artist.  Reverse the story if 
BMI shows up.

Be a Good Boy Scout:   "BE prepared"

If the club has a juke box they should already be getting their fees anyway.


Tom Wiggins

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