[Dixielandjazz] correct tempos for dancing

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Thu Feb 19 13:31:46 PST 2004

If you start playing swing gigs for the Lindy Hoppers the tempos are 
critical...these folks are usually college age and can dance forever so don't worry 
about the length of the tune.

Lindy-Hop     140-220 bpm

Slow Lindy    80-140 bpm

Fast Lindy     220-360 bpm

Balboa          220-360 bpm

Shag            250-??? bpm

Charleston    180-360 bpm

Dixieland works great for these dances...most of the tunes are perfect.On the 
festival circuit the favorite band for these kids is the Titan Hot 
Seven....and the band loves to play for the Lindy Hoppers.

Joe Hopkins
Jazz Clarinet
AZ Classic Jazz Society...V.P. and 2004 Festival Co-Director
480-396-6798 or 602-810-5888

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