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> Have indeed heard of her over here, Steve. A very nice voice, pleasant 
> songs, jazz-tinged rather than flat-out jazz, but heartening to see any 
> quality music selling so well..... and check out the latest Brit jazz 
> prodigy, Jamie Cullum, pianist and singer, first UK jazz artist to sign a £1 
> million deal with a major record company. First album is called 
> "Twentysomething" and is selling like hot cakes.He's on a promotional tour 
> in the USA right now, so who knows what may happen. Mixes pop, rock and 
> original compositions with jazz standards, has the female audience sighing 
> (he's cute, my wife tells me). Needless to say, all the jazz critics will 
> turn and savage him and Norah, just as they did Ms krall and anyone else who 
> is a big hit with the general public!!
> Mike.

Indeed Mike:

Being successful is just not cool, you are much hipper if nobody will buy 
your music and nobody will buy a ticket to come and hear you live.

Every Great Jazz musician knows that man.

Screw success and money, and all the hard work that goes into getting it, we 
should just hang and be cool and people should just give us Jaguars and Rolls 
Royce's and Porches and Ferraris because we are cool.  That's real Jazz man, 
ain't it?


Tom Wiggins

Buddy can ya spare a dime?

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