[Dixielandjazz] Demise of PUB CRAWL during Edinburgh Fest.

Tom Wood zenith at ans.com.au
Thu Feb 19 09:37:29 PST 2004

Tom Wiggins said:
Hello Berl:
If the place you are performing is serving and depending upon the sales of
beverages and or food you don't want the floor full all the time, let em eat
drink so the place makes some money and can keep paying you to perform.

In my opinion the Breweries stopped sponsoring the Edinburgh Jazz Festival
Pub Crawl which was a favourite with the locals (being Scottish it was FREE
entry) where bands were presented at lunchtimes, early then late evenings
(we had three gigs a day) because they could not sell enough booze.  Locals
taking extended lunch breaks and coming direct from work attended as well as
the tourists and other jazz fans.

At lunchtimes in particular there was complete "grid lock" access to the bar
where the publican did not quadruple his serving staff for the 2 hour lunch
period at the 8 or so festival pubs.  We were thanked by one publican where
we resorted to short 20 minute sets with 5 minute breaks to allow more
drinks and Pub Lunch food to be served but the breweries were not happy
because they could still not sell enough beer within the time.  One pub was
completely disserted 10 minutes after we finished and even the band were
guilty of blocking the bar with their free beer tokens during the breaks (I
myself stood well back, as usual :~).  I agree, people have to make money
for things to work.

Tom (little room for dancing in Scottish pubs but standing well back from
the bar) Wood

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