[Dixielandjazz] USB port expansion question

Stan Brager sbrager at socal.rr.com
Mon Feb 16 11:39:36 PST 2004


There are 2 standards for USB ports. The older one is USB 1.1 - the newer
standard is 2.0. The difference is speed - the 2.0 standard is much faster
(transfers data to or from the USB device to the computer). If your computer
has USB 1.1 ports then you should get a USB 1.1 hub - cost in the U.S. is
about $9. If your computer is several years old chances are that it's got
USB 1.1.

Otherwise buy the USB 2.0 hub. It costs a bit more but worth it in the long

If you're interested in upgrading your USB 1.1 computer to USB 2.0, there
are upgrade cards which can fit inside your computer to do this. If the
speed difference is essential to what you're doing (you're attaching a hard
drive), then it would be worth while.

If you need in home assistance with this project, send me a round-trip
ticket from Los Angeles and I won't charge anything extra for my help.

Stan Brager

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> I have only two USB ports on my PC and would like to increase that number
> that I can have all my peripherals hooked up and ready to go. I know that
> there are gadgets on the market which will do this but I don't want to buy
> anything where the installation requires me to go into the guts of my
> computer (I did that only once, the computer expired and I had to buy a
> one - never again!) - does anyone know of a USB expansion gizmo which
> plugs into one of the existing USB slots?
> OKOM content - practically everything I do on my PC is music related.
>  John Farrell
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