[Dixielandjazz] USB port expansion question

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That is one of the nice things about USB. It was designed to
let us keep our clumsy mitts out of the box. Once there
is a USB port you can add a 4 port (and there may be bigger)
"hub". These can be purchased at most any computer store or off
the web. Staples, at least, sells them and I imagine radio shack and
Circuit City or any more specifically "computer" Store. These are
cheap enough that any web-purchase savings would be eaten up by
the shipping charge.
If you have 2 ports on your usb card IN the box, then you can
add 2 ports to the tune of a totally of 8 available ports. There are
2 levels of USB 1.0 and 2.0. Make sure which your computer has
before you  buy the hub so you match them right. The point here
is not that they won't work, but that you waste money buy
a faster 2.o hub if you only have a 1.0 sockets on your machine.
Same for the cables you may buy - match them to the unit you
are driving. If you don't need the 2.0 speed for a slow device, get
the slower, cheaper 1.0 cables.
They are easy as hell to install.
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| I have only two USB ports on my PC and would like to increase that number
| that I can have all my peripherals hooked up and ready to go. I know that
| there are gadgets on the market which will do this but I don't want to buy
| anything where the installation requires me to go into the guts of my
| computer (I did that only once, the computer expired and I had to buy a
| one - never again!) - does anyone know of a USB expansion gizmo which
| plugs into one of the existing USB slots?
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