[Dixielandjazz] USB port expansion question

Don Kirkman donkirk at covad.net
Mon Feb 16 15:18:57 PST 2004

On Mon, 16 Feb 2004 13:23:50 -0500, Craig Johnson wrote:

John Farrell had written

>>I have only two USB ports on my PC and would like to increase that number so
>>that I can have all my peripherals hooked up and ready to go. I know that
>>there are gadgets on the market which will do this but I don't want to buy
>>anything where the installation requires me to go into the guts of my
>>computer (I did that only once, the computer expired and I had to buy a new
>>one - never again!) - does anyone know of a USB expansion gizmo which simply
>>plugs into one of the existing USB slots?

To which Craig replied

>That is one of the nice things about USB. It was designed to
>let us keep our clumsy mitts out of the box. Once there
>is a USB port you can add a 4 port (and there may be bigger)

There are much bigger hubs; I run mine with four ports and it's powered
from the USB plug-in.  The instructions that came with it recommended
using its built-in power supply if the user wants to string additional
ports on to it (by plugging them in, Christmas-tree fashion).
donkirk at covad.net

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