[Dixielandjazz] The Ancestry of Jazz:A Musical Family History

D and R Hardie darnhard at ozemail.com.au
Fri Feb 13 09:38:34 PST 2004

    Dear list members                                                    
  Just Published

I am pleased to notify list members that, as earlier forecast, “The 
Ancestry of Jazz: A Musical Family History” (ISB: 0-595-30739-6) is now 
  available from the publisher, and will be listed shortly by major on 
site web booksellers.
Beginning with the earliest music to appear in the American colonies, 
it traces the lineage of jazz through its connections with earlier 
American folk and popular music, and explores its links to near 
relatives like ragtime and the blues.
“The Ancestry of Jazz: A Musical Family History” expands the brief 
accounts of the family history of jazz introduced in  “The Loudest 
Trumpet: Buddy Bolden and the Early History of Jazz”,  and amplified in 
“Exploring Early Jazz: The Origins and Evolution of the New Orleans 
Style”, detailing the roots from which the Elemental Jazz of Buddy 
Bolden was delivered into the musical environment of New Orleans  in 
the late 19th Century and outlining its relationships with its 
contemporaries and later musical relatives.
Additional information is  available at my Early Jazz History web site:
(This site is best viewed with Netscape if you have it available; some 
pages may appear less balanced in Internet Explorer).
“The Ancestry of Jazz: A Musical Family History”  is immediately  
available from the publisher, (US telephone 1-877-288-4737 or email to 
<custservices at iuniverse.com>), and should soon be listed by  
www.barnesandnoble.com ,www.amazon.com and booksamillion.com
You will soon also be able to order from any bookseller who has access 
to the Ingram (iPage) data base.
You can  purchase straightaway at:   http://www.iuniverse.com/bookstore/

Best wishes
Dan Hardie

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