[Dixielandjazz] Spiegle Willcox

Kurt bowermastergroup at qwest.net
Wed Feb 11 21:03:34 PST 2004

Remember trombonist Spiegle Willcox?  He was the last living musician to
have played with Bix on the Jean Goldkette Orchestra.  He died in 1999 the
week he was supposed to fly to Des Moines to be guest of honor at one of my
jazz festivals.  He was a great guy and was loved by all who knew and played
with him.

Anyway, I was recently viewing a video tape shot at another one of my
festivals that the 95 year old Spiegle attended.  He loved to tell jokes to
the audience and the tape captured him delighting the audience with one of
his favorite zingers.

Spiegle: "This really old couple is sitting in their living room.  The man
turns to his wife and says, 'Honey, let's go upstairs and make love."  She
replies, 'I can't do both."

Thought you'd enjoy that one.

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