[Dixielandjazz] "Funny Fumble" and "Chelsea On Down"

Craig Johnson civanj at adelphia.net
Wed Feb 11 20:19:52 PST 2004

I mentioned "Funny Fumble" in a note answering Luis's question in the
Dixieland Jazz Mailing list -- as a tune where you need to count your
measures as the chorus has 28 of them and you really feel like there
are 4 more coming with what would be the obvious chord progression.
I first heard this by the New Black Eagle Jazz Band. Tony Pringle just
told me it came from Harry Dial's Blusicians. I swear I'd looked for it
at redhotjazz.com and not found it but I bet I spelled it Fumbles with an
"s" 'cause this time I found it at.
It's intriguing. I like the Eagles rendition better, but this is easily

Also, I've often wondered about the derivation of the title "Chelsea on
Ted Shafer just enlightened me. Robin Wetterau, the composer of that tune
was on a gig in Boston and was bitching that there was not a decent
there (I disagree) -- "From Chelsea on Down" (meaining from the north
town southward. -- The comment stuck and became the title of his piece.
"Strangely Believe It."


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